Vocal Freedom Class

ENG- Vocal Freedom Class

Friday evening 8.00 – 9.15 pm
An hour of happy singing, chanting and technical exercises to awaken the voice within you. This class will focus on developing your body awareness and musical intuition to achieve more vocal freedom.
You will leave the studio feeling joyful, connected and empowered.
Absolutely no singing experience required!
Wear comfortable clothing.
Teacher: Roos
Hi, my name is Rose. A 30-something citizen of the Universe and music was my first love. I am a singer and self taught choir-leader. I have always felt quite limited in my passion for music by the performance mentality when it comes to singing. It all revolved on how I should sound in stead of how singing made me feel. I developed a pretty bad case of perfomance anxiety, which  (temporarily) made me stop singing all together. Luckily, I have worked through that.

I now have this amazing opportunity to teach this class in which I can empower anyone who wants to sing, even if you’re a little to shy to do so. I am a strong believer in singing for joy and not for performance. I will encourage you to be louder, bolder, more crazy, to use your whole body and ultimately: To be more free!

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