STUDENT YOGA will start on Tuesday the 13th!
OOOH! Waaauw!
5 classes for 23 euro’s!!
We have 5 FANTASTIC YOGA teachers from all over the world!
They are all STUDENTS at WUR and teach our STUDENT YOGA CLASSES!
We know you, as a STUDENT, need these YOGA classes so much!
The more life becomes hectic and stressful, the more yoga is needed. A good yoga class will bring you energy and your mind gets much needed rest from the never ending stream of thoughts.
Thus yoga can be very beneficial to students, removing anxieties and improving concentration besides greatly reducing chances of illness.
Yoga is an exercise, and considered one of the healthiest practices one can take up.
Taking many forms, it strengthens your muscles, improves flexibility, massages your internal organs and calms the mind, to bring the body in complete balance and health.
Besides that, Yoga is an internal journey, with no destination, thus excluding any form of competition!
We look forward to welcoming you to our 2 BEAUTIFUL locations in Wageningen center.