Mindfulness (eng)

Mindfulness bij Nereida:

My name is Nereida. I am a Psychologist from Madrid living and working in the Netherlands since 2016, when I came to do a master in the field of Migration, Globalization and Development. Since I discovered Mindfulness, in 2012, I have been practicing, studying and reading about it. I did the MBSR for Psychologists in 2014 and I am currently undergoing an Expert Course of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice. Since 2018 I am a member of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen and recently have obtained the quality mark Psycholoog NIP from the same institution.

What I like the most about Mindfulness based meditation is that its practice allows us to observe, accept, embrace and non-judge our emotions, thoughts, sensations and feelings. Mindfulness has proven to have brain correlates that improve aspects such as attention, patience and compassion. Of course, it´s a skill that requires practice, which might be difficult especially at the beginning. With the Mindfulness classes I will initiate the practice to those that have never tried it before and those that have little or some experience meditating. The classes will be participative, in a way that we can learn from the experiences and difficulties of each other. In other words: we will listen to ourselves and we will learn to listen what surrounds us.